Following the release of their second album earlier this year, Elementals have created a music video to go alongside it. The music video is a satirical look at the occasional lack of individuality within a genre, and Ottawa Beat is pleased to premiere the video today.

The video begins with the band jamming. This is interrupted by a well-meaning director who encourages them to please their fans by playing music in the great outdoors. Check it out:

Ottawa Beat (OB): What was the inspiration for the music video?

Cody Smith (CS): A lot of pop-punk bands have similar, sometimes identical, themes in their music videos. The clothing worn, the location of filming – think forests, parks and pools – and the style of video production. We are not a pop punk band by any means, and wanted to mimic these themes to reveal them.

OB: Did you produce it yourselves, or did you work with a company? If self-produced, what was the process like?

CS: We asked Ryan Stacey, a photographer in the Ottawa music scene, to film, direct and produce the video. My roommate James Reid assisted as the “director”, and we thought he would be a great addition to the video because people would recognize him.

As for the process of filming it, it was super fun, easy, and quick. We were able to do it in one day, scenes were shot at my and James’ house, Augusta Park and surrounding areas in Almonte and finally Jamie’s (drummer of Elementals) parents’ place, where we did the pool scene.

OB: How would you say your music changed since your debut album?

CS: It has changed a lot, and is changing in many ways but will always retain an alternative quality. Our first release, “I’m Not Here, I’m Not Real” was very grunge, but over time, as we’ve matured and with the addition of two new members, Sheehan Jordan (guitar/aux) and Duncan Reitböck (bass), the songwriting has matured as well. The songs aren’t always as fast and heavy anymore. Especially with some of the brand new material we are writing right now, we’re incorporating different genres and experimenting with our sound in a way we never have before.

OB: When are you playing next?

CS: We’re doing a little three show run at the start of November. I think we prefer to do those to a certain extent, “weekend warrior” runs as they say, we love it. Being on the road with the boys is one of my favourite things in the world, I find it brings us closer together and we always have funny stories and new memories when we return home.

Interview has been edited for clarity and conciseness.
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