“This impressive EP tugs on your heartstrings in best way, and leaves you aching for more”

By Ev Osmanovic

You know that feeling when it’s pouring outside, your window is cracked open, the cool air is wafting in, and there’s an overwhelming nostalgia spreading through you? This is the EP that completely encompasses it.

Wine Time by Lake Urmia is the go-to record for those days where you sit by the windowsill while drinking a steaming cup of tea. It’s a record that brings a new light to pop music entirely, rooting into what pop rock used to be in older years, and a dreamy and downer element tying it together. The use of guitars, bass, synth, and drums really molds the sound of the EP into something refreshing.

The vocals contrast the guitar— being rough but smooth with the vocals melodic and drowned out slightly. It’s all easy listening that tugs at your heartstrings with every song you hear. The album isn’t squeaky clean, it’s not overproduced and polished—it’s a kind of fuzzy dream pop sounding record—it’s exactly this rawness that draws you in.

The guitars keep this distinct fuzz to them throughout the seven songs, varying in styles and sounds produced, always keeping melodic and harmonic throughout. The drums keep the beat, switching it around during the songs while the guitar stays in the same key, but adds new rhythms in the di erent songs. Both sound di erent yet remarkably similar. In “Ok” the guitar is heavier than in “Burn to Death” but it also holds the lightness that in does in the latter song.

A slight delay is there but it’s fuzz by the time you hear it. Despite how di erent all of the tracks are, they manage to keep the same sound. It doesn’t make sense until you hear it, experience it, and feel it. It’s a constant but it di ers from song to song in unique ways and it’s something that you won’t regret hearing once you do.

This impressive EP tugs on your heartstrings in best way, and leaves you aching for more.

This review is part of our July 2017 Issue 15