Though you may have been catching shows at The Record Centre for some time now, they’re giving their small venue a new way to reach audiences. The Tiny Stage series is taking the store’s concerts, tying in interviews and broadcasting it all to give music fans a new way to experience music.

by Owen Maxwell

“We’ve been having shows in the store for several years now and have recorded most of them all analog to a 2-track reel-to-reel,” said store owner John Thompson. “We wanted to go the extra mile and videotape our shows also in order to create more accessible content online.”

The series officially launched this March with a performance and chat with musician Joey Landreth, and it was screened at the National Arts Centre’s Fourth Stage.

“We’re fortunate enough to have worked with the NAC on several projects in the past,” said Thompson. “Many of the regulars at our store either work for the NAC or play in the NAC orchestra.”

The Tiny Stage will be hosting acts from in and out of town, and will be featuring acts as podcasts in the months to come.

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