As one of the many Ottawa festivals holding big anniversaries this year, the Tim Hortons Ottawa Dragon Boat is celebrating its 25th birthday in a special way.

by Owen Maxwell

Running from June 21-24 the festival is returning to its previous four days of music at Mooney’s Bay, which it reduced to three in 2017 due in part to the lineup available. “It was never a question for us though that we would be continuing with four days of programming this year,” said Artistic Director Antony Cooper.

Some of the big wave of talent this year includes Sam Roberts Band, Crown Lands, Dizzy, Broken Social Scene, Ellevator, Wintersleep, Hollerado, Craig Cardiff, Matt Mays, Rebelle, Old Man Grant, and even Amos The Transparent, who are themselves celebrating their 10 year anniversary. While some of the big celebrations have yet to be announced, Cooper suggests they’ve got a few things under wraps. The lineup is locked up, but there are some planned surprises to the overall programming.