After decades of teaching at Carleton University, professor Elaine Keillor is donating $2 million to the music department.

When Keillor joined Carleton’s staff back in 1977, she was given a warm welcome by the staff that encouraged her to continue her research and performing in tandem with her teaching. 
“In my experience, that was not the situation when I was at other universities,” said Keillor. 
Much of the donation is being used to bolster new research into Canadian music and also fund the Helmut Kallmann Chair for Music in Canada.

“Helmut Kallmann was a special mentor to me and I felt that what he did to investigate our Canadian musical culture should have permanent and prominent recognition,” said Keillor. 
Keillor hopes the chair will prove an ambassador for Canadian music and help Carleton “continue its leadership position in being the first university in Canada to have a Canadian music course.”