After a rather whirlwind festival in 2017, Ottawa Bluesfest decided to reach out to the public for suggestions to improve their festival for 2018.

Thanks to constant weather complications and issues at the infamous Migos set, amplified correspondence to the festival prompted a public meeting on January 30.

“We wanted to connect with the entire festival community and create a collaborative opportunity to identify aspects of the festival that should be prioritized in 2018 and beyond,” said Bluesfest programming assistant Emma Francis.

Unsurprisingly, site logistics and security were major points of discussion at the round-table evening.

“The festival is always willing to hear feedback, positive or negative, that will improve the festival’s future and enhance the experience for our audiences,” said Francis.

On top of this community consultation, the festival also opened up their youth TAG program to its own focus group in January. Bluesfest will be releasing a report from the public meeting and further feedback can be added to the conversation online.