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75 Rue Saint Rédempteur, Gatineau, QC, Canada, J8X 2H4

Triple7 is a lot of things, but at the core we are a community of like minded creatives leading a Counter Cultural Revolutionary Movement.

Our community HQ in downtown Hull, is a container for uniting artists of all kinds, working and helping each other to put out the best creative content they possibly can. “Triple7 Presents” is the official collective presentation of Triple7 responsible for running events, producing professional content and helping develop and curate new talent.

Triple7 is pleased to provide a the following services:

– Rehearsal space for musicians & performers of all kinds
– Training facility for circus arts, dance, and theater
– DIY venue for private parties, shows, meetings, screenings, workshops, events, and celebrations
– Gallery space for visual media artists

The flexibility of our multi room space makes Triple7 a perfect home for visual media and performing artists. We believe that our inspiring work / creative space has the ability to be a communal environment for networking with other like minds!

We try to have our doors open as much as we can & hold weekly workshops, monthly drop in’s / jams, recurring theme nights to keep our community engaged & connected



Phone: (613) 600-5819

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