Doxx is a four-piece Ottawa hardcore band who play songs about punk conformity, killing your boyfriend, and baby boomers. You can check out their songs online at doxxottawa.bandcamp.com or head to Pressed on August 6 to see them in person.

What was the one big takeaway from the zine Sofia and Brittany created about how to start a band?

Brittany Neron: I think it can be best summarized by a line that Sofia wrote.

Sofia Shutenko: Just a little background: Brit and I split it into two parts and Brit’s part was about the logistics of starting a band.

Brittany: Like finding a jam space and all these little things that nobody ever talks about.

Sofia: They aren’t that difficult but they are if you don’t know what they are. So my part was about why you should be in a band. It was mostly directed at young femme queer people of colour, why you specifically should start one. Basically it was like you should be in a band because you have more things to be angry about and it feels more real when you talk about that stuff. The line that Brittany is talking about is, “You have more right to be on stage and to be in this scene than white boys who’ve been shitting out bands since they were 14.”

Brittany: I like that imagery because it is true [laughter].

What keeps you excited about music?

Sofia: This is going to sound so fucking corny. My bandmates are really incredible people and I like spending time with them so that makes me excited about music. I just get to hang with these great people and make something we are all proud of.

Brittany: New people and new bands, especially younger folks coming out and often starting bands. When we were down in Austin, Texas, we saw a hardcore punk fest there. Every matinee show it was slowly like younger bands. These kids were 14 or even younger with full braces playing some of the most innovative/weird music you would ever hear.

Keiran Mckinnon: And all their friends were going off. It was the craziest moshing I saw at the whole fest.

Brittany: One kid stapled a cactus to his face. You don’t do that once you are 21. It was wild. The creativity looks different when you are young and haven’t existed in the scene for a long time and don’t know all the silly rules. You aren’t replicating something.

Do you believe in ghosts?

Brittany: I’m in active denial because I’m scared of them.

Sofia: I’m probably going to say yes. Ghost as this white figure floating in the shape of a human—I don’t know if that is what I see when I think of ghosts. I think spirits are real. Nobody knows and we are arrogant to assume we know anything about anything. Ghosts are real; sorry Brittany.

Brittany: I didn’t say they weren’t.

Jeff Hurter: No one really knows. I’m sure there are spirits out there.

Brittany: Have you ever had a ghost experience?

No, but I know people who have.

Brittany: Me too and that’s what fucks me up about it.

Sofia: I believe that. If you have the feeling and feel in your heart then you might as well have. Right?

Kieran: I totally had a ghost experience when I was 17 or 18 years old. Nobody knows about this thing that shitty teenage boys do where they sit and burn candles, drink wine, and try to be really sophisticated. This was with my friend Ryan in high school. He is a very firm believer in ghosts and was talking to me about ghosts for like hours and hours. His mother unfortunately passed away as a kid. He believes he has his mother’s ghost following him around which is reasonable if you’ve had trauma about your mother in your life. He was talking about this. He kept saying “Don’t you feel it getting colder in this basement? It keeps getting colder” and I said “It is kinda getting colder but like maybe it is just because it is late at night.” I didn’t want to believe. Then he said out loud “If there’s a ghost in this room let yourself be known.” A broom fell over on the other side of the room. I freaked the fuck out and got the hell out of that basement. Ever since then I’ve just put it to the back of my mind or thought “maybe it was the cat.”

Brittany: He’s never mentioned this to me in three years of dating.