By Erin Flynn

From the first beats of the theme song, I feel the smile spreading across my face, the butterflies flying around in my tummy, I breathe . . . maybe a little too loud and a little too long. Mic on, fader up. And I start—“Welcome to THIS IS HEART CITY on CHUO 89.1 FM . . .”

After a series of unexpected events, THIS IS HEART CITY was born and now airs Wednesdays at 5 p.m. THIS IS HEART CITY is a weekly arts and culture program featuring artists, activists, and anyone doing new and different things in the city.

A burgeoning show, built on the principles of community, collaboration, and connection, THIS IS HEART CITY features a few different regular contributors who make the whole. Chris Hawryluk covers visual art and theatre, interviews bands, and takes on just about anything we send his way.  Patricia Harewood created a snapcast called Planet Zees: Parenting ABCs—a short series that follows her journey as a single parent to small twins. Most recently, Zoé has joined the team. This high energy, high schooler is bringing it all together! Zoé books interviews, records the weekly calendar of events, curates the music and writes some of the script.

This show represents everything that I love about independent radio. THIS IS HEART CITY is hyper local, brings people together who might otherwise never meet, and lets people know about a smattering of interesting things taking place in the city.

Elevating the people who make things happen in our city is so important to us. THIS IS HEART CITY plays a part in nurturing a strong and vibrant community. In fact, everyone is invited to participate!  We would love to have you get on board too! Have a story you want to get to air? Ever wanted to learn radio skills?

Independent radio stole my heart many years ago, and the passion remains. I am not entirely sure how, maybe it is being around so many people filled with passion, the endless creativity, new music discovery, my neighbours, pals, and colleagues on the air as musicians or show hosts. Cutting tape, coaching co-op students, and late night radio shows—all of it is exciting and rewarding. Even when it feels challenging, it remains fun and magical. Join us. Because this is heart city.