Words & photos by Eva Bee

This is part two of Eat to the Beat, a new series promoting two things that always go well together: music & food! We asked Ottawa chef and music lover Eva Bee to pair some her favorite under $10 meals with music from local bands, past and present.

Let Eva know if she missed any of your spots @evayummers on Instagram and Twitter.

Eat To The Beat

  1. The Green Door – 198 Main St.green door
  • Pictured: So much deliciousness.
  • Total Cost: $11.19
  • Music Pairing: Gold and Marrow – Striking Gold

Those of you who have been to this seminal organic vegetarian restaurant in Ottawa know how hard it is to get a plate-full for under $10. This place is a by-the-kilo weight situation with a plethora of items to choose from buffet-style. My tip for getting it under $10 (at least before tax) is to start off by filling half of the p
late with the loose-leaf salad options and surround it with denser items like their lasagna, avocado, beet salad, etc. I was definitely full after.

Note: You have to pay for soup, bread, dessert separately. GF, V

  1. Bread & Sons – 195 Bank St.bread and sons
  • Pictured: Tomato, olive & mushroom pizza with a macchiato
  • Total Cost: $7.70
  • Music Pairing: Zebrassieres – We Want More

A long time favourite of mine. This place blasts vinyl music, has great drinks and baked good options and serves delicious coffee. On top of that, their $5 slices of pizza are made with organic flour using locally sourced ingredients.

Note: Busy at lunchtime but moves fast. Ask them to reheat the slice! GF, V

  1. Govinda’s Vegan All You Can Eat Buffet– 212 Somerset St. Egovindas
  • Pictured: Terrible photo from the outside, sorry.
  • Total Cost: $5 with student ID, $7 otherwise
  • Music Pairing: My Dad Vs. Yours – Happy Wanderer

Wow, does this place ever take me back to my university days. I’ve had many anti-establishment conversations and dates here—ha! Yes, you can eat as much as you’d like and it’s yummy. There are a few curries, sides, and desserts to choose from but  the menu does stay relatively the same each time.

Note: No photos of the inside since this place is only open during the university’s school year, M-F 5p.m. – 8p.m. GF, V

  1. House of Targ – 1077 Bank St (basement)targ
  • Pictured – vegan pierogies with beet salad (contains honey), and sauerkraut
  • Total Cost: $9 on Wednesdays
  • Music Pairing: Ukrania – Disco!

Ok, without writing an opus about how awesome the owner Yogi is, these pierogies are out of this world. With so many to choose from, including dessert and vegan options, you can’t go wrong. Wednesdays are no-cover, all-ages, and discount pierogi night! Oh, did I mention that Targ has awesome live music and vintage and new pinball and arcade games?

Note: Go on Sunday for their $5 free-play night after 9 p.m., get perogies, and have your order yelled at to you by Remi Royale.

  1. Supply and Demand – 1335 Wellington St. Wsupply and demand
  • Pictured: 10 Oysters, complimentary bread and whipped butter with duck fat and rosemary
  • Total Cost: $10 plus tax and tip
  • Music Pairing: Speak Light [dear one] – The Heavy Medicine Band

Another almost-under-$10 meal but I had to include this one even if it’s “just oysters.” This is one of the best restaurants in Ottawa with one of the best deals—buck-a-shuck Sundays! Don’t be afraid, these little raw slimes are so healthy for you and the ambiance and music they play is stellar. They offer a huge hunk of bread and butter along with it and if you’re nice, they’ll give you more. Great for a light meal on date night.

Note: They also have half-off all their bubbly on Sundays. Make a reservation.

  1. Co Cham 780 Somerset St. Wco cham
  • Pictured: Chicken & Lemongrass Bun
  • Total Cost: $11.05, shared between two people
  • Music Pairing: Mother’s Children – Everybody’s Doing It

Besides getting a nod from the Ottawa Citizen as having one of the best sandwiches in Ottawa for their $3 banh mi, they have killer bun. As another Vietnamese offering that’s quite popular in the city, this is one of the best.

Note: While it doesn’t come with spring rolls, I definitely find that it’s big enough to share. You can easily share an appetizer to make your buddy total under $20. GF