Sparklesaurus first release back in 2016 was a five-song EP, recorded just three months after the band formed. Two years later, the group is set to release their debut album, a lush self-titled dream pop landscape, that ties themes of self-discovery and adventure, with the maturity that two years of development brings.

Since the summer of 2017 Sparklesaurus have been on a hot streak, playing both RBC Bluesfest and Arboretum, as well as showcasing at the latest Megaphono music festival.

But for the band, the focus remained on recording their debut album in a tight one week session in November that saw months of prep work.

“We knew we only had a week to do it, so we had to minimize the time spent practicing in the studio and completely nail it,” said lead singer Felicity DeCarle.



By studio, DeCarle is referring to their DIY blanket fort, set up in bass player Colleen Jones’ house. The one week session had Vermont natives Vinny and Louie (from the band Bleach Day) bringing their analog recording gear and vintage mics from across the border.

Jones says this helped them get a coveted sound.

“We had discussed recording it on tape, and we all thought the idea sounded super appealing,” said Jones. “Going back to how records were recorded in the 60s and 70s, something that we feel is reminiscent of our sound.”

DeCarle said the new album compares like “night and day”.

“The obvious difference is we recorded to tape, and a lot of it has a live off the floor candid feel to it.”

The band has also been experimenting with new sounds through the use of guitar pedals and synthesizers—jokingly referred to as sounding “unhinged.”

Jokes aside, the band is extremely proud of their latest release and the two year journey it took to get here. Catch them May 26 at St. Alban’s Church for their debut vinyl release presented by Ottawa Showbox.

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