The quick answer: no way. With the explosion of podcasts, audio consumption is on the rise all over.

Podcasts and independent radio have a lot in common. In a way, you could say podcasts are simply a different delivery system for radio. Both independent radio and podcasts offer a diversity of voices, niche programs, and non-commercial delivery styles. Both offer long format interviews and music programs. Independent radio is not always known for well produced narratives and focused programs, but that does not have to be the case.

This second coming of podcasts is nothing but good news for independent radio like CHUO 89.1 FM. Shying away from changes in technology and in consumption patterns is what caused such a crisis in the music industry—think NAPSTER. We would be foolish to make the same mistake. CHUO is embracing the excitement for story telling, good audio production and serial content.

We are excited by the opportunity to bring together podcasting with CHUO’s more traditional radio content—we can push beyond the limits of an FM clock with podcasts, we can tell local stories and broadcast them to communities via the FM dial and then let the longer version live on as a podcast. It is the blending and melding of these two mediums that will make sure we meet our community where they are.

Podcasts seem more personal, more intimate and more informal. One of the real the limitations of radio is having the time to research, host and produce a weekly show on your own. But we suggest taking a season to create the programming, use a team of people to help develop the story, edit the episodes, and when it is ready, the piece or program goes to air as well as a podcast.

I think it is safe to say independent radio has long been doing more then just radio and it is our time to shine. Check out our new website CHUO 89.1 FM—designed with podcasting opportunities in mind. Tune in to our FM broadcast at 89.1. Sign up to be a contributor. Donate to support our work. Visit us at our next remote broadcast.

Let us know if you like what you hear!