Woven into heavy guitar riffs and a steady bass line is a story of space travel and of discovering news worlds on Double Experi- ence’s new single The Pilot.


On November 16 at LIVE on Elgin the band is performing with openers, The Superlative, Tim Riel and Old James to support The Pilot. The show is a way to celebrate the new single in Canada, something the band says they aren’t able to do often. But don’t confuse it for an album release party, Ian Nichol bass player and vocals for Double Experience said this show is just the beginning of a process to release an album in the spring.
The show is also a fundraiser for Black Squirrel Book and Espresso Bar on Bank Street, where the video for The Pilot was shot.

The band will be accepting gently used books at their merch table. Each book enters you into a draw to win a merch bundle which is themed around the release The Pilot.

Nichols said because the new song is centered around a short science fiction story about wanting to find new worlds they wanted to get involved in the written word and Black Squirrel felt like an obvious choice.

“We wanted to give back to them because they’ve been so giving to the arts scene in Ottawa”

Although the band is from Ottawa, they don’t always get to spend much time here. With their Do It Yourself attitude and savvy business sense the band has been able to create a career for Double Experience that spans countries. In 2013 after a cross-Canada tour they went to the United Kingdom and have been back to the U.K. and Europe what Nichols estimates to be about 5 or 6 times.

Double Experience does a lot of the foot-work for the band themselves.

“Everything we’ve done we’re doing ourselves,” said Nichols, “a DIY work ethic has been instilled since day one.” Nicholas said he and Brock Tinsley—the guitarist of the duo—believe if you’re doing the work yourself it means you can better understand what your band needs to grow.

“We’ve always believed that hard work bring results,” said Nichols, and for them it certainly has. The band’s last album, the 2016 release Unsaved Progress reached #6 on Earshot’s Loud Chart. “It’s always been about establishing a stable career . . . we wanna do this forever,” Nichols said.