Teens in the Scene is a get-to-know-you feature series by Zoë Argiropulos-Hunter. Through her bite-sized interviews and experimental film portraiture, she puts a spotlight on different members of the community every month to get the inside scoop on what is happening in the scene from a teen’s perspective.

By Zoë Argiropulos-Hunter

This month, Zoë photographed her pal Jack Johnson, better known by his stage name JACK MOSS, and chatted with him about his EP “Warmer Weather”.

Zoë Argiropulos-Hunter: Since you’re the main brain behind the composition of your music, how do you direct your band members when you’re rehearsing for a show? Is it ever awkward being in that position of “authority” per se?

Jack Johnson: All the guys I play with are super talented and usually pick up their parts just by listening to the recording, which leaves me to just oversee the whole thing. Yeah it can be kind of uncomfortable to jump into the “leader” position and start telling people what to do, but I always make sure everything I tell them direction-wise is constructive. My band mates are also my best friends first and foremost so rehearsing is always a good time.

ZAH: When you first put out Warmer Weather, you were still in your last year of high school—do the thoughts and feelings behind this body of work still resonate with you currently? Or do you feel like you want to steer your creative mindset in a different direction?

JJ: The feelings I was trying to express and the things I was singing about definitely still resonate with me, but more as memories rather than a current state of mind.
The way I’m writing and producing these days seems to me like I’m using the same themes as Warmer Weather in a different context. The sound of new projects will be different, but use the same sort of feelings and thoughts to back them up.

ZAH: Tell me a little bit about your home studio set up and what your recording process was like.

JJ: My home studio is my favourite place ever. My guitars, basses, drums, and keyboards all in the same place along with my favourite records and paintings if I need inspiration. When I recorded Warmer Weather, I’d usually start with a guitar or keyboard riff, then build the whole instrumental around that before I write any lyrics. I’ve always been more focussed on music than words.

ZAH: How would you describe your music?

JJ: Sunny pop for late summer nights or hot beach days.

* Jack Moss’ EP Warmer Weather is out now on Spotify and Apple Music! Check out his first video for his brand new single The Look on Youtube!